Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT)


Hyperbaric HBOTHBOT is an amazing therapy that utilizes the basic function of healing: Give the body the fuel it runs on and watch it heal itself!

We run on Oxygen, it is our fuel.

Adding more oxygen into the body and brain can increase healing.

You may ask, isn’t regular oxygen in the air enough? The answer is, maybe not.

Our hyperbaric (HBOT) chamber doubles the amount of oxygen you are breathing and increases pressure up to 4psi (an increase of 30%). This increases oxygen levels in the blood, brain, and all parts of the body, which in turn, can increase healing.


“I’m so glad we started hyperbaric with Dr. Skowron. My son’s language started to improve after the first dive! Even our speech therapist and family noticed the change.”  -Ann.M. Meriden


READ THE RESEARCH! (Autism improvement with Hyperbaric Therapy)

Hyperbaric (HBOT)

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- It can be covered by most insurances! (Check the list of our insurances)

- A parent and child can fit together in the chamber.

- You CAN bring electronics: iPad, phone, DVD players.

- You CANNOT use the chamber if you have an ear infection.

- To respect others, no strong scents. ie No cigarette smells, No skunk smells, No excessive body odor.


While research indicates a minimum of 40 sessions are necessary to show results, we have seen improvements in children after the first session.


Autism, Migraine, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Tinnitus, Brain Injury, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia


FDA has not approved hyperbaric for all health conditions.

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