About three years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers.  The Autism Society of CT in Glastonbury wanted to immediately start her on Zoloft and I refused.  I refused to give my daughter a synthetic with out proper testing and knowing the side effects that a drug like Zoloft could have on a teenager, I went against his orders and he contacted DCF on me for it.

I explained the situation to the case manager that I was going to find an alternative method for my daughter, and they closed the case.

Dr Skowron, met with my daughter and I a few times.  He knew just from the first meeting what she needed!  After only two months I had my Amanda back.  She was smiles and controllable.  Although she is on synthroid for hypothyroidism, everything else she takes in is natural medicine that her body and brain needed naturally.

More importantly, it gave my daughter back and she was able to concentrate again at school, and start to make friends.

Dr Skowron and his staff were welcoming and understanding, and you were not just a number on a computer screen.
If you are faced with any medical condition and not sure of the proper path, Naturopathic Medicine is not only the proper path, but the right path.
God Bless all of Harvest Park Staff.

Jeannine, Wallingford, CT


“I hope you are well! I wanted to let you know that Charlie is talking so much these days. His teacher at school contacted me to also let me know that she has noticed this as well. She describes it as a talking explosion! She also mention the he is sitting for book reading, sat one hour for a laser show, will share his toys and will ask classmates for their toy rather than grabbing it from them. Today for example my mother wore a tiger print vest and he said to her, ‘Grandma you look like a tiger.’ When he wants your attention he will refer to you by your name and there are so many more example as to how Charlie is awakening. It’s like the light switch has been turned on. He is also aware when he does something wrong and expresses sincere sadness and will say sorry and then hug and kiss the person he feels he has let down. Thank you Dr. Skowron, you are helping our son and changing all of our lives. Thank you again!!!!” - Alicia, Norwalk

We wanted to thank you so much for Sofia’s recovery. She has been symptom free ever since she was in Dr. Skowron’s amazing care. She was diagnosed at 18 months and had severe food allergies to so many foods that it’s too long to list. She is now a happy and healthy, fast-running 5-year old with virtually no food allergies. Her classmates can hardly keep up with her! She plays soccer, ballet and piano – all sports and instruments we never imagined that she could enjoy when she was first diagnosed. We can’t thank you enough, you helped save our little girl! Elise, NYC

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