Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic MedicinePeople like you come to our office to feel happier and healthier. They want to feel better without drugs or surgery. We want to provide a caring and nurturing environment for you to feel better… naturally!

Naturopathic Medicine is the use of natural therapies to get and stay healthy. The work is a combination of the Latin ‘Naturo’ and Greek ‘Pathos’, literally meaning a natural way to cure disease. Every question has an answer, and your health questions have natural answers.

Naturopathic Medicine, in practice, is a combination of multiple natural therapies to prevent and treat disease, including:
  • Nutrition
  • Natural vitamins and supplements
  • Herbs
  • Homeopathy
  • Cranio-Sacral
  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physical manipulation
  • Energy balancing

Naturopathic Physicians, from a legal standpoint in the State of Connecticut, are licensed by the Department of Health to diagnosis and treat disease naturally. They listen to you, perform a physical exam, discuss your health history, order labs and imaging, diagnose, and then treat you with all natural, non-drug medicine.

The most important thing to us is how you feel.
  • We want to make you feel better.
  • We want to make you feel happier.
  • We want to give you and your children the ability to enjoy life and reach your fullest potential.
  • We want to do this naturally, without drugs or surgery.

Come visit us, like many of our patients, you’ll be surprised at how powerful and effective natural medicine can be for you. Let us discover your Naturopathic Answer.

“How wonderful to be treated with compassion and skill, to be viewed as a whole person, rather than an ailment, to have caring professionals seek the root cause of my pain and inflammation and offer effective strategies to manage my health concerns… I am so very appreciative and a true believer in the wisdom of naturopathic medicine.” -Lynne V.

Dr. Skowron founded the Pediatric & Autism Clinic at University of Bridgeport.

Naturopathic (N.D.) Program from University of Bridgeport on Vimeo.

Get well naturally