Dr. Skowron educating his peers on the intricacies of treating autism

Dr. Skowron educating his peers on the intricacies of treating autism

Our patients are amazed at what we can discover with labwork. While your PCP or pediatrician is ordering basic blood work or cholesterol, we are analyzing your brain chemistry, complete vitamin and protein analysis, DNA mutations, food sensitivities, or allergies to red food dye!

Did you know you should have your serotonin levels checked before going on an anti-depressant?

Did you know red dye food allergies will trigger migraines?

Did you know anxiety, depression, or a child’s temper tantrums can be from a genetic mutation?

Is your multi-vitamin working? Have a complete vitamin analysis.

All of these can be tested through your urine or blood (we prefer urine with children). Even more exciting: Insurance pays for all of this testing!

23andme Genetic Analysis Interpretation

Many people have gotten their 23andme genetic testing performed, and learned some neat things about themselves. However, click on the Browse Raw Data button in your account, and you can unearth a myriad of genetic influences that aren’t revealed to you by their basic report.

Our physicians are experts in interpreting the 23andme genetic report to reveal all of the brain DNA, which influences your mood and behavior. Both adults and children are influenced toward happiness, anxiety, aggression, depression, ADHD, or autism by these genes. We will explain your genetic mood, and give you the natural treatments to feel happier!

Imagine a happier child, a happier family, and a life without anti-depressants!

Get well naturally