Dr. Skowron examines a patient

Dr. Skowron examines a patient.

Poor grades, trouble at school, no desire to do homework, and less desire to do what you say. ADD and ADHD affect 5 million (8.4%) of our children. No focus, no attention, and do you feel like you have to repeat yourself a hundred times before your child can hear you?

We’ve got your Naturopathic answer!

The drugs for ADHD can be scary, and even if they do work, they only work when you give them. What happens in ten years, when your child stops taking the medications? They aren’t cured. Add to that the problems with stunted growth and other side effects.

Find the Naturopathic answer for your child with a 3-pronged, all-natural approach.

First – Clean up their diet. Remove refined sugars (soda, candy, etc), and remove artificial colors (red dye, blue dye, etc). Other foods may be removed based on your child’s individual reaction to them.

Second – Have their brain chemistry analyzed. Elevations in adrenaline will cause impulsiveness, while low serotonin will cause easy distractability. Your child’s nutrition directly effects brain function, and should be analyzed and addressed before medications are prescribed.

Third – Reduce TV and electronic time. When kids play video games, they get fast, colorful input, along with bells and whistles every 30 seconds when they win. Repetition creates habits and expectations. Then, we put them into a seat for 8 hours a day at school, expect them to sit still, and listen to the same teacher all day long.

Without the bells, whistles, and Pavlovian rewards of technological babysitters, they become hyperactive or distracted. We are training them to expect more than our school system can provide. The school systems, then want the kids to shut up and sit in their seats, so they suggest ADHD medications, which is a $10 billion industry, and these meds only work in a minority of cases.

Naturopathic Answers for ADHD

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